How Not to Tweet: Two Dreadul Tweets You Should Avoid!

Excerpted from "Twitter: 10 types of tweets you should know" published February 9, 2012 by scottk
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Here are two types of Tweets that could kill your chances of ever growing a huge following that supports you.

Snore. Tweets that give Twitter a bad name such as “I am eating a sandwich.” This type of tweet is uninteresting and doesn’t encourage interaction. Twitter started this trend by asking the world a boring question: “What’s happening.” They should have started with “What has your attention?” That could be the difference between tweeting “I’m eating a sandwich” and “I need your help to find the best burger in Chicago.” Which of those tweets interests you more?

Trust me. You don’t want to be viewed this way. Spammer tweets aren’t necessarily tweets that come from an automatic spambot feed. Sometimes, spammy tweets can come from a user who only seems to shill for his or her own projects or products. An often cited formula for avoiding being a spammy twitter user is to follow the Rule of Thirds:

  • Talk about your own products a third of the time. 
  • Share other links and ideas in your niche for another third. 
  • In the final third, reply to people, answer questions and ask questions of your followers.


  1. Thank you, I'm still a newbie! I'm a little gun-shy, in the beginning I opened a tweet and got a computer virus, $150.00 later, I stay in the background.

  2. I'm a newbie too. I thought I was supposed to tweet all my products but have learned differently now! Thanks!!

  3. People who automate their FB posts to be tweeted are very irritating.