Etsy Success: 4 Things to Do Now!

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Here are 4 great articles to start with:


2. Color code your listings - the description and the tags!

This is important for not only customers who shop by color but also for Etsians who create Etsy Treasuries.  Having your products in Treasuries will increase their exposure.  Make your items easier to find and feature by including colors and feelings in your descriptions and tags ie yellow and gray, dreamy, misty, happy, nostalgic, vintage,...etc. Note: Your Keywords should appear in both your description and the tags to be optimized for search results.

3. Print and Read this report on Search Engine Optimization for your shop! - SEO Report  

4. Identify the TOP Etsy shops in your category, study them, learn from them.


  1. Replies
    1. I take it to mean using the color(s) of your item as part of its title, in your tags, and in the item's description.

    2. Yes! Exactly, except there will be instances where you may not want to include color in the title...for example in the case of a photograph--what is being photographed may be more important than the colors in the image so you might not want to use up precious real estate in the title for color but you will still/always want to work the colors into the description and tags!

      Thanks so much for commenting and helping out!! :)

  2. Hi Jennifer! You color code your listings via the description and the tags. Describe the colors of your item and then include those colors in your the description mention Turquoise and Orange bead bracelet and then in the Tags include turquoise, orange, turquoise and orange.

    Also include adjectives that describe your product if you dreamy for images and nostalgic for vintage items and for holiday shopping don't forget to mention who the item might be good for...check out Etsy Holiday Guide for more on that subject.

    Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. The How to Find Your Target Market article is a perfect article for the Etsy Meet n Tweet Team! I love the Deal Customer worksheet. This is great advice for anyone wanting to learn not only how to contact their target market, but also how to find out where they live on the 'net.

  4. Would you recommend color coded sections too?

  5. Hi Darlene! That would depend on how important color is to your items. If you do wedding for instance you might want a something blue section. Your sections are important for Search Engine Optimization when used to reinforce your if you paint it might be good to do your sections according to subject matter rather than size and style ie 8x10 canvas vs grouping such as flowers, trees, nature or animals, wildlife, mythical creatures. That would be a better use of your sections.