Be. Do. Have. Paradigm Shift

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We can’t live our lives waiting to HAVE the right stuff
Before we can DO the things we long to do
In order to BE...happy, secure, healthy...

‘Have-Do-Be’ is not the divine order of things but has become a general way of thinking. Nonetheless, it is a dangerous misconception, a Mind Trap in Would-Coulda-Shoulda land aka 'Stag-Nation.'

The truth is…

You have to BE before you can DO and you have to DO before you can HAVE.
This is the process of Creation.
This is the law of Attraction.
This is no longer a Secret.

Be the person you want to be – happy, secure, motivated, rich, thin – Be it now, then Do what feels right for you, do what supports your ‘being’ and you will Have the things you want, you will Have abundance.

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