10 Tips for Buffing Up your Twitter Following!

10 Tips for "buffing up" your Twitter Following garnered from seminars and webinars of exports in the field! 

Here's how you work it!

Tip 1. Follow the People who Follow People like You—leaders in your field or your competitors. The idea is simple-their fans/followers are into what you do and may follow you back.

Tip 2. Engage the greats/leaders in your field. Contribute to the conversation with support, humor, retweets, shoutouts to increase the chance of being followed back or retweeted.

Tip 3. Research keywords for what you are doing and use twitter search or advance search to find people to follow. twitter.com/search-advanced

Tip 4. Get people interested in helping you by helping them first. Tweet about the work others are doing, retweet them, offer resources and helpful info.

Tip 5. Follow "The Rule of Thirds"
  • 1/3 Talk about your products
  • 1/3 Share links to Interesting Info
  • 1/3 Reply to people, answer questions and ask questions of your followers

Tip 6. Follow everyone who follows you with very few exceptions.  People want to be followed back and if they see you acting like a rock star they may opt not to follow you or unfollow after a few days of waiting.  Which brings us to the next tip…

Tip 7. Unfollow people who do not follow you back, with maybe a few exceptions...people you hope to interact with. How long should you wait? A few days to a week.

Why unfollow? Because Twitter expects to see a healthy ratio between how many you follow and how many follow you back but they especially don't like you following way more people than you have following back.  And think about it...why do you need hundreds of nonfollowers who don't even see your tweets!

Tip 8. Thank people for following you as often as you can. You'll be surprised how many really appreciate a simple thank you.

Tip 9. Be mindful of the audience you are building. Be sure they are going to have an interest in what you Tweet. In the beginning you may just want to build some numbers quickly but ultimately you’ll want to consider who your audience is and how to engage them to really build your following.

Tip 10. Lastly, this tip is to help keep you out trouble with Twitter.  Read Twitter’s rule on aggressive following & unfollowing, tweeting and retweeting so that you can stay within limits. support.twitter.com/articles/68916-following-rules-and-best-practices

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  1. Some cool ideas... thanks - & now I will go retweet you!!