EtsyMeetNTweet - All Hands on Deck!!! Tweetdeck that is!

TweetDeck is a dashboard for Twitter. It interfaces with Twitter allowing you to send and receive Tweets and view Twitter profiles. You can even schedule Tweets to post throughout the day. (Please note it will not retweet the same tweet over and over no matter how far apart you schedule them. (For recurring Tweets you need TweetAdder - which I will post on soon)

TweetDeck lets you configure up to 10 columns to display tweets according to criteria you specify.

A few can display:

1. all your tweets
2. all the Tweets of the people you follow
3. all the Tweets of a particular person
4. your interactions--who followed you, retweeted you, favorited your tweet, etc.
5. tweets with a particular hashtag like our #etsymnt

Tip: To follow a hashtag do a search via Tweetdeck and a column will appear showing all the latest tweets using that hashtag — just click the button that says Add Column.

The columns update for you automatically and you can add, delete, or reconfigure them anytime you like.

TweetDeck is an awesome Twitter tool that is easy to use.

I known people to say that Tweetdeck makes more sense to them Twitter itself!

FYI, there is the option to add your Facebook account and follow what’s happening there as well.

And it's free!!! Go to: to sign up.

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